Dog peeks through the window of his former home, not knowing his “loving” owners won’t be coming

I wrote this text through tears. I can’t understand how a man could do this to this dog. When you look into her eyes, there is like a silent question: “Why did you leave me? I served you, was devoted, gave my love. When such thoughts arise in the dog’s head, he always turns to the house and looks out the window, as if trying to see there the time when he was happy.

The owners of the animal will still return to this house, but only in a year, in the summer. The dog may not wait for them to appear, dying of hunger or cold. People do not worry about the fate of the animal. Next summer they will have a new dog in the house, and maybe a cat. The family will play with him and take care of him, take general photos, buy good food.

The animal will have a wonderful summer. When it starts to get cold, people will start packing up their things to go back to the city. The pet will be in joyful anticipation, because he will be sure that he will go to the city with his family. But people will leave, and he will be left all alone, on the street, near the house, where until recently he was happy. They won’t take a dog to the city, there you have to go out with it several times a day, there it will live in an apartment and it will need to be cleaned.

People don’t want extra hassle. Before leaving, the hostess will kiss the puppy on the nose, because for several months he was her favorite pastime, and then she will get into the car and leave. The puppy will be waiting for the people to come back. From time to time someone will feed him and he will gratefully accept the treat. Sometimes the dog will come up to the house and look in the windows, hoping that while he was sleeping, people have returned. The house is still empty, you need to look for other owners, otherwise an unenviable fate awaits – hunger and cold on empty streets.

Next summer, the family will return, a new pet will appear in the house, which will bathe in love and care, but only until it starts to get colder. I want everyone to remember that you are responsible for the one you tamed. This is the only way we can make our world a better place.

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