Nine-Year-Old Drawings Massive Group Playing Fantastic Bell Jingle Boogie Woogie

OLIVIER Has Amazing Plays Bell Jingle Boogie Woogie

A young musician from the UK named “OLIVIER” has a number of popular YouTube videos. His films of himself playing on public pianos in several London train stations have received the most views.

The young man, gifted with the piano, captivated the entire train station with his boogie-woogie rendition of “Jingle Bells” during one of his public piano performances. Legendary boogie woogie performer Brendan Kavanagh contributes to the special nature of this public performance.


One of his most popular YouTube videos was shot as he was playing a public piano in London’s Underground Station. “OLIVIER,” who was only nine years old, took a seat at a public piano looking dapper in a suit, bow tie, and bowl cut. He started off by playing a few notes, then let loose with some incredibly amazing boogie-woogie.

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