A little boy sings a John Denver classic that steals the audience’s hearts with the first note

If you grew up in a family with southern roots, you will fondly remember the popularity of John Denver.

Watch this young man in a 2018 televised performance pay homage to this legend as he brings back one of his biggest hits, “Take Me Home Country Roads.”


At just seven years old, Shaney-Lee knew he only had one chance to impress The Voice Kids UK with his incredible voice. Instead of going for any current hit, he went outside the box and chose a country classic. He wanted his performance to stand out and grab their attention.


Little Shaney-Lee waited nervously backstage, hugging his family to keep calm, and then it was his turn to shine. And he shined. His rendition of the John Denver classic was incredible. It was almost as if another voice was coming out of this little body.


This kid was a true professional. Glowing with calm confidence, he belted out the melody effortlessly, it seemed. His mother, Tamara, describes him as a much older person in a smaller body. Mom and Dad beamed with pride as they waited to see their little boy live out his dream.

Once on stage, he raised the microphone to his seven-year-old lips and the rest is history. This little guy sang “Take Me Home Country Roads” like he’d been singing it for years.

As his mother looked on with tears streaming down her cheeks, Shaney-Lee was enveloped in the moment of wowing the world with his singing ability. The audience was impressed by this little guy’s natural abilities. The judges loved every minute of it.


Shaney-Lee, growing up on a farm, charmed the judges with stories about her home life in the video. He talked to them about getting up at sunrise, tending the farm and sometimes working all day to get everything done. But he loved it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the video, this little guy talks to us about his animals on the farm. He has horses, 1 sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, a donkey and a pony! It’s amazing that he has time to sing! His pony and cart even took him to his audition.

Watch this video of Shaney-Lee paying tribute to the late John Denver as he sings “Take Me Home Country Roads.” You’ll see why everyone is raving about this little boy. Pass the video on to your friends who love country music.


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