A 16-year-old earns instant applause by performing a classic from 1960 after sharing a kiss with his favorite judge

Lucas opts to perform the Jackson 5 classic, “Who’s Loving You,” a song renowned for its difficulty despite its numerous covers. Yet, Lucas’s rendition is nothing short of extraordinary. His mastery of vocal range, control, and emotional depth captivates both the audience and judges, earning him resounding approval with four yes votes. This standout audition has cemented its place in “Best of the X Factor” compilations on YouTube, a testament to its lasting impact.

The X Factor has a storied history of showcasing remarkable talents, and Lucas’s performance adds to its legacy. By providing a platform for him to shine, the show once again proves its ability to nurture new stars.

“Who’s Loving You” carries a rich history, originally recorded by The Miracles in 1960 and later popularized by the Jackson 5. Its enduring appeal and emotional complexity make it a daunting choice for performers, yet Lucas’s interpretation demonstrates a maturity and understanding well beyond his years. This highlights that talent and passion know no age boundaries.

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