Following their shocking special blind audition, the Voice judges exited.

James Blunt created an unforgettable moment on The Voice Germany with a surprise blind audition, leaving the judges in awe. The English folk-pop sensation performed his classic “Goodbye My Lover” without revealing his identity to the judges.

Right from the start, Blunt mesmerized the judges with his masterful piano skills, prompting speculation about whether it was a live performance. Once they recognized his unmistakable voice, known for selling over 20 million albums worldwide, the judges wasted no time hitting their buzzers. The first judge buzzed in before Blunt even finished the first line, followed swiftly by the others, all spellbound by his performance.

The question lingers whether the judges recognized Blunt solely by his voice or were simply blown away by his talent on that day. Nonetheless, the audition showcased Blunt’s exceptional ability to infuse every word with emotion, highlighting his unique talent.

Following his performance, Blunt received a standing ovation from the judges and expressed his gratitude in fluent German, demonstrating his linguistic prowess. His connection to Germany, where he lived in Soest for two years during his father’s military assignment, added a personal touch to the audition.

Witness James Blunt’s unforgettable blind audition on The Voice Germany in the video below, where he showcases his remarkable talent and undeniable charm.

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