The Judge bursts into tears on live television after the man sings »Us».

Absolutely, you’re referring to Michael Ketterer, a contestant who graced the stage of America’s Got Talent (AGT) with his stirring rendition of the song «Us.»

Michael Ketterer’s multifaceted identity as both a pediatric mental health specialist and a dedicated father to six children, some of whom he adopted from foster care, undoubtedly added layers of depth and resonance to his performance and personal narrative. His heartfelt delivery of «Us» resonated profoundly with both the audience and the judges, eliciting tangible emotional responses that transcended the television screen.

The mention of a judge being moved to tears underscores the profound impact of Ketterer’s performance. His genuine backstory, intertwined with his undeniable talent, crafted a poignant moment that struck a chord with viewers on a deeply emotional level.

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